Thursday, April 15, 2010

Short Soup or Long Soup?

I'm a tad confused. Short soup is wonton soup right? And long soup is like this thick soup yeah? Can someone clarify this?

Anyways, mum recently made long soup. Which is a soup made from a stock/broth with julienned shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, wood ear fungus and who knows what else is in it, brought together by water chestnut flour which thickens the soup. In short, imitation snake soup or hot and sour soup that isn't hot or sour....

Which brings me to this, if you have ever had snake soup in Hong Kong you may have realised that they also have a little dish of fried wonton wrappers and a little container of shredded kaffir lime leaves to add into your soup. Mum recently bought a kaffir lime tree so we used some of the leaves to put into the soup. And I have no idea why but it goes so well together. Amazingly well. The leaves are very very finely shredded (thank you ceramic knife) and sprinkled on like you do for coriander on dishes. 

Okay, my point is, how can shredded lime leaves go so well with SOUP? Which is not spicy or sour like thai food...which is normally where you find lime leaves. Just one of the things that go so well together but make no sense whatsoever. 

That is all, super random post =)