Friday, April 9, 2010

Tandoori Chicken

No pictures today, sorry I was too hungry to take them.
Pretty much went out to the city in the morning to go shopping at DFO South Wharf with my friends. 
Then they decided to watch a 3D Alice in Wonderland and I decided not to join as I cannot watch 3D movies =.="
Met up with K仔 and just sat on the grass outside the state library. 
Got an ice cream from maccas ( i think everyone knows what that looks like). They taste soooooo nice but they're so unhealthy...MEH
Met back up with friends to have lunch.
Ate at CROWN FOOD COURT and the food there is outrageously expensive. 
Felt like Indian food and ordered one of those plates with 2 curries...weird thing is the plates here were polystyrene, aren't they usually metal??
Friends and I wondered whether saffron rice tasted any different from steamed rice, DOES IT?
Chose tandoori chicken and vegetable curry. 
Why does it taste so nice? 
After some more shopping I had to head home.
Got a papaya milk tea from Bubblecup with K仔 before getting on the bus. Tasted nothing like papaya (I was hoping for something like the papaya milk drink they have in Taiwan, I miss that stuff) and I realised half the cup was ice after finishing all the milk tea =(
K仔 wanted to shoot pearls like MYCHONNY did in his latest video =.=" that guy is a bad influence, extremely funny but a bad influence. But it doesn't stop me from watching his videos XD

Total spent today? $1 (ice creams) + $5 (lunch, shared with my friend since there was no way i could finish that entire plate) +$3.50 (bubblecup) =$9.50 =)

Today marks the last weekday of the holidays :(
School starts too soon, HW still not done =S

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