Friday, April 30, 2010

Cooking: Tang Yuan 汤圆 Little Glutinous Balls in Sweet Soup

Since it's been so cold lately I decided to make Tang Yuan last night. However I found out we ran out of that yellow sugar that comes as a slab....rock sugar? Its called 冰片糖 in Chinese. Therefore I put a piece of sultana inside the tang yuan instead.
The sugar you're supposed to use
Anyways I cbf writing a recipe up, I learnt how to make them from my dad who learnt how to make them from my grandma. So its kinda like grandma's recipe =)
Made very small ones this time.
The sultanas did not go AT ALL, very bad combination. 
I shall stick to plain for next time.


  1. Ew... sultana. Hahaha. Maybe you should just try normal peanut butter. I made it before and it's very good.

  2. i think that's palm sugar you're talking about, not very sure though

  3. @michael: thanks for the idea, i've never tried with peanut butter.
    @jellyface: i'm pretty sure its not palm sugar...