Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm gonna fail school

Why? Because last week we got 2 guitars and a drum set for the wii so I've been addicted to playing Band Hero on the wii lately which prevents me from doing my work.
Also MASTERCHEF has started, and they conveniently airs from 7:30-9pm every weeknight =.=" Which is when I do my homework. So unfortunately no homework seems to be getting completed and no study seems to be occurring this week.However I did find a good thing to do whilst watching Masterchef, making lunch for the next day. Cos I feel very inspired to cook when watching Masterchef.

Which brings me to this. It's year 12, everyone is talking about what they want to do in uni next year, what kind of career paths they are considering. Whilst some already know what they want to do, some others are completely lost e.g. me
To be honest yes I do have a dream of training to become a chef and to run my own restaurant one day, but at the same time I have doubts about doing this for the rest of my life. Another part of me wants to do physio/optometry at uni (highly unlikely considering what ENTER you need to get into those courses). Second preference would be commerce. So very lost right now, to follow a dream I've held back for a while or to be a good asian kid and go to uni and get a degree and a good stable job....

Path to my dream restaurant:
  1. Become an apprentice chef.
  2. Become a chef.
  3. Work my way up as a chef
  4. Be head chef of some restaurant
  5. Save up money
  6. Buy my own restaurant --> run own restaurant --> serve fusion food --> same set menu for each month depending on influences and seasonal produce -->travel the world for inspiration --> taste the world
Some dreams should just stay as dreams.

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  1. Never give up your "goal" especially when it comes to food + resto! It is my dream too so I am going to turn my dream into reality and so will you! :)