Friday, August 27, 2010

New Camera

For my birthday Dad very kindly got me this new camera. It's the Panasonic FH1. He asked me what colour I wanted and after looking at the list of colours they came in I chose orange and he was not particularly happy. He kept asking me whether I was sure and I really wanted a camera that was different.
Taken with old camera (focus problems with 2nd pic which I couldn't see due to tiny screen)

So far it has been pretty good. The screen is way bigger and better than the old camera. There are tonnes of modes. Can't change any of the settings I don't think (except for ISO) Macro is pretty good. And it takes alright pictures in low light conditions as seen in the japanese restaurant post. Quite easy to use and many times lighter and thinner than old camera. Oh and there's a food mode =]

This is the old camera. 5mp compared to 12mp now. Photo quality is a little worse than new camera but not very differentiable until low light conditions. My favourite function on the old camera is the manual focus, so fun to play with. However you can see the old camera is a BRICK. Not pocket friendly.
Do you get what I mean by the screen is tiny? Can't tell whether the picture is good or not using that screen. Oh and it has a viewfinder which dad loves.


  1. Your new camera looks awesome!! I love how cameras come in so many colours....I don't know how but all the ones we've had so far are silver =[ I love the colour of yours!! It looks so cool! btw, how old is your old camera??

  2. Yeah, i think it must be an asian thing to get silver. i'm starting to really like it too. my old camera is so old i don't even remember when we got it. 4-5 years?