Sunday, August 1, 2010

Goal: Eat my way through the shoppo food court

Food courts are notorious for serving horrible OVERPRICED food. So I've decided that I will eat my way through every place in the food court at Doncaster Shoppingtown to try and find the best one. By saying best one I mean my personal favourite, I'm in no position to say which one is the "best" but you know when a place is "bad" because you don't want to eat there again. Two main things I'll consider is taste and price.
I probably won't review every single place because I've already been to some.
I'll make a new page for this. Click "Food Court Challenge" under the blog title up the top

So why am I doing this? I went to shoppo yesterday and went to get something to eat, after walking an entire round still couldn't decide on what to get. And ended up eating this

Nandos will never fail me. Except it fails on price, this plate cost $10.50

Hopefully I'll visit shoppo often enough to keep it updated. 

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