Friday, August 27, 2010

Eating Out: Vietnamese Pork Roll Joe's Bakery, Devon Plaza, East Doncaster

Did you know that you can get Viet Rolls in East Doncaster??!! I discovered this about 4-5 years ago. I know the viet rolls from Footscray, Springvale and Richmond reign supreme but I happen to live at least 40 mins drive away from each of these suburbs. And this bakery is along the way home from school so it's super convenient. 

Vietnamese Pork Roll $4
Can you guess where I took this pic? One of the best lighted spots to take pictures, the dashboard of the car =] Couldn't wait to go home to take a pic and then eat so I took a pic in the car (and made a mess) whilst waiting for mum at the pharmacy and then ate it on the way home. Viet rolls should not be eaten in the car. The crusty roll crumbs go everywhere and if you encounter one of those super chilli chillies you are doomed (that has happened to me before and I looked like I was crying with a retarded tongue the entire way home). 

The rolls was super crusty and fluffy. The pate was generous and had a very strong liver taste. The  three meats were thick cut. The spring onion was diced (i find the ones with the entire length of spring onion in there impossible to bite through and you end up having to eat the entire thing in one mouthful, not pleasant). The pickled carrots and daikon were still crunchy and not too sour. Lots of coriander. Asked for a bit of chilli. Altogether it was pretty delicious and satisfying. Few improvements could be the addition of the mayo (but hygiene/health issues), to go a little easier on the soya sauce so it doesn't drip through the bag when you eat it and to add the deathly red edged meat you usually find because I love that stuff =P 

Food: 7.5/10 Satifisfying but not as good as the one's from the vietnamese suburbs. The fresh bread is awesome since it's a bakery. 
Service: 8.5/10 Smiles when you are served. Oh did I mention the person who makes these viet rolls isn't asian? It is made by a very nice caucasian lady. I'm pretty sure she just constructs the rolls, all the prep is probably done by the asian owners. 

Verdict? This place never fails to deliver. Very consistent and they have a wide variety of other pastries and slices. I will keep coming back to this place every time I want a roll. For only $4, I'm not going to complain, it's about the same as springvale/richmond/footscray. They only make the rolls during lunch hours. 

Photos taken with my new camera that I got for my birthday from Dad. 
Quite pleased with the quality.


  1. Food buddy is jealous :(

  2. your roll looks like it has no filling at all! (maybe it's just the angle ^^") oh btw the whitish stuff inside the rolls isn't mayonnaise, it's a type of butter/margarine spread that looks kinda gelatinous

  3. @food buddy: you can always go down and get one.
    @grub: the lady squashed it all into the bread roll. oh, that delicious gooey stuff, all i know that it is made of raw eggs and is why people get food poisoning from viet rolls.

  4. gahhh brenda! im going to refer to this blog whenever i cant decide where to eat. and OMG THE VIET ROLLS IN EAST DONCASTER?! must try must try haha