Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cooking: Macarons

Finally SUCCESS!!!!!! Learnt from my mistakes. Added food colouring whilst eggwhite were beating and actually FOLDING the sugar and almond meal in and not mixing it like there's no tomorrow.
Ingredients: 225g icing sugar, 140g almond meal, 100g eggwhites (approx 3 eggs)

Method: Weigh and sift sugar and almond meal. Whisk eggwhites to soft peaks, add colouring then whisk to stiff peaks. FOLD icing sugar and almond meal into eggwhites in 2-3 batches. Don't listen to the pros when they say it's alright that the air gets knocked out because their folding technique is so pro that they don't lose much air, but for the amateur, air gets knocked out due to inexperience. So by the time you have folded in all the ingredients it should be about the right consistency. Pipe onto sheet, beware that they do spread quite a bit so pipe them a lot smaller than you want them. Bake at around 130 for 10-12 mins. Good luck =]

I'm also getting a lot better at piping. Fairly uniform sizes and I'm starting to be able to do that quick flick lift up thing the pastry chefs do to make sure the mixture doesn't get everywhere and stays on the macaron, with some practice it's actually not hard.

However I'm still having trouble baking them as I don't know when they are done. Practice practice practice.

Filled it with the leftover chocolate ganache from the cake my bestie and I made last week.
Soooooooooo yummy =] 


  1. These look impressive as hell. : D Your food's getting progressively more awesome.~

    Also I feel like I haven't spoken to you in forever, hope you've been well!


  2. Stretchy!!!!! Feels like more than forever, need to talk on msn!!! I've been alrite, how have u been?
    Thanks but the food ain't very impressive, still have a lot more improvement to make.

  3. Hello =D
    I just found your blog (through grub) =]
    I'm a teen foodie like you -I'm in year 12 too! and I love Hong Kong! I've never been to melbourne though....

    Congratulations on your macarons! They look really good! Did you use liquid or gel food colouring??

  4. Hello
    thanks :) i used liquid food colouring