Sunday, August 22, 2010

Food Court Challenge: Subway

Once again technically not in the food court but around the corner. After a day at State badminton(we came 3rd/4th) I was feeling pretty hungry despite the amount of lollies, fruit and a sandwich. Decided on Subway as it is filling, cheap and  yummy. Chose from the $7 foot long subs and the only one that appealed to me was the meatball one. Don't worry I didn't eat an entire footlong for afternoon tea, shared it with K仔.
Got it with pretty much everything except for olives and jalapenos (though we should have). Chose the chipotle southwest sauce. Yummy crunchy bread, lots of salad, and a few meatballs which I have suspicions about how they were made and what they contain. But together it made a pretty good sandwich.
Super filled and it just falls everywhere when you eat it unless you're experience =]
Like this photo? I didn't take it.

Food: 7/10 A good sanger after a long day is always going to taste good, especially if it's toasted and you're eating it with someone special.Though better quality meatballs would have made it better but then again it is a fast food chain not a gourmet restaurant.
Service: 8/10 Quick and to the point.Can't expect too much enthusiasm when you work at a fast food chain. 
Environment: 6/10 There are a few chairs and tables behind the shop but it is literally in the middle of the shopping centre and I don't exactly like being watched whilst I eat, feels a bit like a zoo. We went to the food court and ate instead. 

Verdict? Quick, decent, filling and cheap. Ticks all the boxes for the perfect food court choice.

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