Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cooking: Failed Macaron Tower turned into Macaron White Chocolate Crepe Layer Cake

Blogger finally works at school!!! It has been blocked for a while for some reason but now they must have unblocked it, probably because I spend a lot of my spares reading food blogs =]

So on the weekend I tried to make a Macaron Tower for my friends birthday except after piping out 120 shells which looked fine and baking them, they all decided to be mean and stick to the baking paper and break when I tried to peel them off. In the end I ended up with 20 acutal macarons =[ absolutely devasted. Since 20 macarons were definitely not enough to feed my group of friends at the mini party we were going to hold, I decided on making a crepe layer cake with the failed white chocolate ganache I made.

I assumed that white chocolate ganache proportions would be similar to normal chocolate ganache proportions and how wrong I was. Normal chocolate ganache is 1:1 (meaning 100g chocolate, 100ml cream) white chocolate however as I discovered is 2:1 (200g white chocolate, 100 cream) and as I had a limitation of white chocolate it wouldn't set, hence a failed white ganache.

Decided to make a crepe layer cake instead since it was the quickest thing to make without a baking time, and I guess somewhat impressive but not as impressive as a macaron tower. Lesson learnt from making the crepe batter, add melted butter into the flour before adding eggs and milk, otherwise the cold milk will solidify the butter and you end up with a horrible looking batter. However it doesn't really matter as the butter melts when you make the crepes and self oils the I guess it's not too bad.

P.S I spend hours staring at my computer trying to type out an english essay but when I blog I just type like there's no tomorrow, effortless thinking....why can't writing essays be like writing blog posts?


  1. Wow.....120 macaron shells.....that's heaps! It sucks how they didn't stuck to the baking paper- how frustrating! Oh least you got 20 =D And the cake looks really good though!

    I wish my school would unblock blogger =[ Our school has this stupid system where it blocks every site and teachers choose specific sites which they unblock. I don't think anyone's going to be unblocking blogger anytime soon =[

    I know what you meana about the english essay! I usually spend ages just starin at it with no idea what to do, then end up procrastinating and reading food blogs =P

  2. woah great cake :D it looks really sweet and yum ^^ hrm your crepe batter has melted butter, the one i use has cream in it instead :)

    hahaha lots of sites that i go to aren't blocked on my school system. but i rarely use the computers at school cos they are so laggy!! and not to mention they ALL have some sort of virus on them >_<"

    i just finished my sac for my 2nd text study today was so bad :(

  3. @von: yeah quite a few, only 6 egg whites though. thanks :)

    yeah we have that system as well. hopefully they unblock blogger soon at your school.

    @grub: thanks. but butter makes everything takes NICEEEEE.

    as if!!! we have some epic filtering system thingo, so lame. but we have pretty good comps at school cos we seem to have a lot of money lying around, good to go to one of the richest public schools around =P use it to my advantage.

    at least it's over now, can't do much about it. what was it on?

  4. LOL! rich public school!! i go to a poor public school rofl! but we have all these "low socio-economic" benefits from places XD

    it was on Robert Bolt's "A Man for All Seasons" are you studying that?

  5. we get all our money from international students :) and the government.

    OMG same :)