Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eating Out: Korean BBQ Seoulia Box Hill + Random

Went to an all you can eat Korean BBQ for Xiaowei's birthday on Saturday. Went to Seoulia on Whitehorse Road, Box Hill. The night didn't start off too well with the lady telling us we had to wait 15 mins for our table (reasonable right?) except that we ended up waiting for 45 mins outside in the cold instead. Finally got in and we got straight into it. Pretty much you pay $26.50 which includes a can of drink. Then you help yourself to the buffet counter which contains all the meat, seafood, vegies, kimchi, rice. It wasn't too bad, no expensive "good" meats and a pretty limited choice.
Yummy belly pork. After you have stuffed you're face with meat (and in our case only meat and no rice and very limited vegies) you can head to the all you can eat ice cream section for dessert. After 3 ice cream cones I was feeling pretty full.

Food: 6/10 (limited range of food and octopus was extremely salty, however the ice cream was pretty nice)
Service: 6.5/10 (made us stand outside in the cold for way too long, buffet counter wasn't refilled often enough.)
Environment: 6/10 (Cramped as cramped can get which means you can't escape oil splatters. The hot plate is massive so there is almost no space for your bowl/plates. Decently ventilated but it was very hot in there and came home smelling like oily meat)

Verdict? Not extremely bad but if I had a choice I might choose another place next time. Even if it means forking out an extra couple of dollars. The lack of choice and cramped space was not enjoyable. 

Anyways I found this on my receipt from Friday.
Epic name. She was a very nice checkout chick though.

Ever wanted to know what it looks like through the eyes of someone short sighted (e.g me)? But you have to pretty short sighted for it to be this blurry. Way too bored of studying.


  1. hey, i'm short sighted too!

  2. btw i went to korean bbq at a restaurant called hwaro, i highly reccommend it - VERY good service and food but it's a bit pricey

  3. it's in the outskirts of the city

    562 Little Bourke Street
    Melbourne, VIC 3000

    Phone: (03) 9642 5696

    i also did a review here

  4. i think the drink was because they delayed our booking
    i dont think it was included

  5. Haahahahaha! Evi L.

    I was a waiter at a restaurant one time, and a customer called in to book a table. I picked up the phone, and nearly burst out laughing at his name: A Ho

    (in a Chinese accent, you can guess what that sounded like to me)