Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cooking: Tandoori Fish

Idea came from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food cookbook. I really like the concept behind this book, of teaching others how to cook.

Ingredients: Piece of fish. Tandoori paste.
Methods: Spread a little tandoori paste all over the fish. (no need for yoghurt). Let it marinate if you want. Pan fry as per usual. However the tandoori paste does do something to the fish and makes it really soft and flaky so it falls apart really really easily. Simple
Looks a tad burnt and unappetising...but it tasted nice =)


  1. haven't tried tandoori flavoured fish before, but i love the traditional chinese style steam fish and teriyaki salmon fillet. best ever.

    and i don't why, but i dislike fish skin and the fish belly?. my fish must be flaky :D might try your tandoori fish one day!

  2. first time i tried it too. I LOVE chinese style steamed fish, goes so well with rice.

    Fish skin and belly tastes fishy. I only like fish skin if its super crisp.