Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cooking: Awesome prawns

Went grocery shopping on Monday with mum at Safeway and saw that the prawns were on sale. The plan was to make garlic butter prawns but the outcome was quite different to what I had in mind.

My Awesome Prawns:
Ingredients: 16 large prawns, oil, butter, sliced garlic, sliced chilli, finely diced shallot, salt.
Method: Wash prawns. Snip all the legs off. Lay on chopping board and cut through under the legs lenghwise but don't cut the back shell (do not peel prawns especially the heads, it's where most of the flavour is). Push the prawn flat by spreading the two sides you just cut out and crack the back shells. The prawn should stay flat.
Heat a little oil in the pan and place the prawns cut side down holding it down for 5 secs to make sure they don't curl up. Fit as many prawns as you can into the pan. Cook until prawns are almost cooked though. Set aside and cook remaining prawns. After frying up all the prawns you should be left with a pan with lots of burn/stuck on bits. Heat some oil in the pan and add garlic, chilli and shallot. Cook on a low heat for a couple of minutes to release flavour into oil. Add butter turn it up and then add prawns. Tossing to coat. Serve.
It turned out to be more like Prawn XO sauce Prawns with extra XO Sauce on side. Except it wasn't actualy XO sauce.
Taken with phone camera so it looks pretty bad.

Tasted unbelievable though. The heads were the best. Sucking on them, slightly chilli. Too good.


  1. haha prawns..i'm so lazy to peel the shells so i don't even eat them unless their peeled :P

    sucking on the prawn heads remind of luke nguyen on masterchef *shudder* prawn brains :P

  2. Haha, just like my bro. All th flavour is in the shell though.

    OH YEAH, all the contestants were like shocked. But 100% with luke nguyen for prawn brains