Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cooking: Chocolate Muffins *drool*

Sudden craving for chocolate muffins hit last night however I had a mound of hw to finish off (stll ain't done) but I decided to make muffins xD They were awesome, had a crunchy crust, melted chocolate on the inside. Only a few left cos I ate them for brekky.

Ingredients: 1 cup self raising flour sifted. 1/6 cup (40ml/2 tbsp) cocoa powder sifted. 1/3 cup white sugar. 150ml milk. 1 egg. 50g butter melted. 5 tbsp of chocolate chips. (these are rough measurements, I'm really lazy when it comes to measuring)

Method: Mix dry ingredients together. Make well. Pour in milk and egg. Stir until semi combined. Pour in butter (don't pour butter into milk as the milk is cold and will solidify the butter). Mix in chocolate chips. Make sure u stir gently and don't beat it otherwise u get a tough muffin. Scoop into greased muffin tray. Bake at 180 for about 20 mins or so, until skewer comes out clean.

Look at the chocolate goo inside, soooooo yummy.

So simple, so yummy
Made in about 40 mins including baking time.


  1. mmm the chocolate goo from the muffins =D

    i like to use nigella lawson's double chocolate muffins recipe - it's really good try it if you have time.

    do you plan to bake something for your mum for mother's day?

  2. sooooooo yummy :)

    i shall make them next holidays.

    mite just cook breakfast. what r u baking for your mum?

  3. im still deciding between cookie crusted cream puffs or chocolate cake...hrm could make both but then again i'm not sure. but there's plenty of recipes out there to use :D

  4. ooooooo, cookie crusted cream puffs sound AWESOME. u going to blog about it?

  5. probably, if i get around making them. btw just saw an awesome breakfast in today's epicure. haha i feel like making that for day :D

  6. i hope u do make them!!
    u mean the one with the egg split on top of the toast? or the museli?
    haha, i love tuesdays for the newspapers. Epicure in The Age and Taste in the Herald :)

  7. the one with the poached egg :D looks more like brunch though haha

    yup tuesday's the best. but i only subscribe to the age. thurdays are quite good too :)

  8. it looks really good. mainly cos of the yellow of the yolk on the green of the salad?

    oh rite. y r thursdays so good?

  9. haha i guess it's the colour and the presentation of the dish that appeals to me.

    thursday = green guide :D tech / games guide is great!

  10. yeah.

    i see u like ur technology.

  11. haha yup sure do. nintendo gaming consoles and games and cameras in particular. they have a new section in thursday about photography now (didnt get mine today, wasnt at school, darn)

    ah mothers day is approaching - you gonna make that colourful breakfast for your mum?

  12. really? omg, must find yesterdays green guide then :) i'm not very into gaming unless its the wii.

    Probably going to make a honkie style breakfast for her. Have u decided yet?

  13. haha depends really what they want to put in the issue.

    hrm, not really, prob just make both hehe :) gonna source some ingredients today and practise. not a morning person, so i'm really not keen in making breakfast :P

  14. okay

    oooo, nice. neither am i but its like one day in the whole year.

  15. just finished the second last step in those cookie crusted cream puffs. gah too much processes and takes ages.

    last steps are to bake and fill with cream. prob blog it later.