Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eating Out: Straits Cafe revisted [694 Doncaster Rd Doncaster 3108]

 After the dreaded 3 hour English exam Mum took me to Straits for lunch. Oh boy was it good to eat some comfort food.
Curry Laksa $9.90
It doesn't really look like a curry laksa more like just curry. The noodles were springy. The tofu puffs weren't very soft. The chicken had boney bits which was quite weird and the fish cake was pretty average and thin. I think that was all the laksa had, but don't be misled, there were lots of each topping so you run out of noodles before you do of toppings. However laksa is usually about the broth. I can't say it was a bad broth, it had tonnes of spices and was fragrant but as you can see it didn't contain much coconut milk and hence there wasn't a layer of oil. The coconut milk was really need to cut through all the spices and richness. Also it was quite thick and felt like drinking curry gravy. If you like a spice filled laksa broth, then you would love it.

Nasi Lemak $10.90 I think
Once again they certainly do give you your monies worth. This was the beef rendang one. Everything was there except the sambal which you self serve down the back of the shop I think, or just ask them. Wasn't spectacular but I do like the pickled vegies, not sure what they're called but they soothe your tongue from the chilliness. 

Straits would probably the be the best Malaysian Restaurant in the Doncaster area. I really can't think of any place that does it better for taste. And if you know the area, you know how many Malaysian places are around.


  1. ahahha the 'picked veggies' are called ah chak :D

  2. I ate out after my english exam too!! We don't have 3 hour english exams *phew* I can only imagine how badly your hand would kill after 3 hours of straight writing!! =O
    The nasi lamak looks pretty big =) I've never had nasi lemak before =S

  3. @liz: thanks for teaching me something new. what does ah chak mean literally?
    @von:the comfort of eating out =] yeah it was pretty sore. That is something you MUST try.