Sunday, October 3, 2010

Product: Jay Chou Chips

Found these in the pantry one day.
For those who are asian you should know who that is. JAY CHOU. In Asia they use celebrities to advertise everything. And Jay Chou found his way onto a chip can. For those who don't know who Jay Chou is, he's an awesome singer. As for acting and dancing I'll let you decide. But his songs are the best.
Back to the chips, they were like Pringles. Except the flavour wasn't that good. SUPPOSEDLY made from 3 ingredients, and on the front of the can it says tomato how does potato, palm oil and salt make tomato flavoured chips? Anyways after peeling off the sticker and reading the chinese list of ingredients you understand. The list is about at big as the sticker they put on top of it. It went a little like this, 调味粉,什么什么粉, but like 10 or so different types of flavouring powders. Potato, palm oil and salt......?

So this might be my last post for quite a while. Exams in under 4 weeks. If I can find some time I have a few things yet to blog about. But rest assured I will make up for it over the summer holidays. 3 months!!!!!
Good luck to all those who have exams!