Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cooking: Roast Pork

I don't really like roasts. I find them take forever to cook and the amount of meat is somewhat overwhelming. But since my bro asked for roast pork for many weeks on end I thought I'd give it another go although in the past there haven't been many good outcomes.

Pretty much just score and salt the skin generously leave it for a while like 30 mins, soak up all the water and try to get all the salt off. Salt it a little more, rub over some oil and roast at like max temp of oven or 250 degrees for 30 or so mins. It isn't perfect crackling but it's better than chewy crackling.

Only roasts I like are chicken and lamb. I think it's because they aren't so dry. 


  1. why don't you post the whole process of cooking it? Well, I'm kinda interested in this one... :p Love roast pork... XD

  2. because I still haven't mastered it. You can find recipes all over the net for it. I guess just roast it until it's cooked.