Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Camera except it ain't mine

My dad bought a new camera, Canon 550D, he's been raving about it for months. Now he finally has his own.
Still learning all the buttons and functions and all that. Can't really say anything bad about the camera. However Dad bought a lens that isn't designed for my type of photography except for maybe sunsets. The closest distance it can shoot is 20cm or so, meaning it it extremely difficult to take pictures of FOOD and FLOWERS, my two favourite subjects to capture. Hopefully Dad will get a macro lens =] Also my laptop can't read the HD SD card cos it's probably too old. Turns out the only things that can read it in the house is the plamsa TV and the netbook, the two extremes of screen size. So hopefully I'll have some better looking pictures soon. Have a look at my flickr account for a few photos I've taken with it.

Also since Dad, my bro and I constantly fight over who's turn it is to play with the camera, I really want to get my own DSLR, hopefully I can win one.....I'm dreaming.


  1. ah your dad must have bought the 200mm+ zoom lens? btw, you don't necesarily need to buy a new set of lens. try to change the lens function from automatic to manual then you can adjust the focus first. you can always stand a little further from the subject too ;)

    have fun with the slr :D

  2. not sure what lens it is, i'm a total noob at cameras. yeah, but the manual focus will only focus at a reasonable distance, my point and shoot has manual focus and it works at a very close distance so i kinda got used to that. yeah, stand further, dad would like that too as he's always scared i'm going to poke the lens into something =.="