Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just my two cents on Food Blogging

There's no doubt that food blogging has taken the world by storm. Some love the idea some loath the idea as was presented in the article from The Age today.

I think it all starts here. I believe that there are two main reasons for why we eat, number one being to feel full and for nutrition and number two being for pleasure and exploration. Obviously food bloggers are more interested in the second reason. Think about what humans ate a couple of hundred years ago. It was simple, flavourless, in short they ate for reason one. However humans have an inquisitive mind, always seeking out something better, more exciting (hence why evolution occurs). And this is how reason two came about. And in my eyes food blogging is a form of evolution, it's the next step in reason two, we're pushing the boundaries because thats how evolution and advancement works.

So how does food blogging extend reason two? Food bloggers have a passion for food and they want to share it. By doing so it allows others to discover what is out there in the food world.

Let me break this down, there are two types of food bloggers out there, the ones who cook and the ones who eat.
The ones who cook contribute to reason two by exploring flavours, new dishes, challenging concepts, sharing passion, sharing recipes and give inspiration to others.
The ones who eat (reviewers) contribute to reason two by helping the best restaurants boost customers and possibly contribute to the downfall of some not so good restaurants. This may sound pretty harsh but that is the way of life, only the best survive and deserve to survive. This way things will only get better and the human race will advance (in terms of food that is).

On the topic of restaurants where they dislike customers taking photos of food, I think it is understandable but somewhat silly. As long as flash is not used I don't really see a problem. If their food is not of good standard then it is their problem, not the customers. If they don't want other chefs taking their ideas for dishes then don't serve them because the second you serve it you're releasing it into the public. If they don't want to have a bad review then they should serve better food, a review doesn't have to have pictures, it's what is written which makes the difference. So if you have good food to serve, welcome food bloggers with open arms because they may just do you some good, be thankful.

Which brings me to this. My rules for taking photos of food at restaurants.

  • NO FLASH, not only disrespectful but your pictures turn out looking horrible.
  • Be quick unless dining alone, others want to eat their meal.
  • NO altering the food, take it like how they serve it to you, if it looks like a mess then it looks like a mess, their problem, just hope that it tastes good. I personally dislike people who "do" up the food served to them at a restaurant. 
In saying this I would like to highlight that I do not believe my photos are amazing or any good. There are many food photographers out there who take mouthwatering pictures, unfortunately that is not me, but maybe just maybe I'll get there in the future.
A photo is worth a thousand words

P.S This is just my PERSONAL opinion, everyone is untitled to their opinion and I will respect that. 
So if a restaurant doesn't want me to take a picture of their food, I won't but that won't stop me from writing about the place.

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