Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I don't think I've ever done a post on masterchef all year.
It's one of the shows I follow religiously and I have ALMOST watched every ep this season except for the 3rd last ep as I had tutoring and haven't had time to watch it online yet, but rest assure I will. I also half watched Friday's masterclass so I shall watch that too.
Yes, I know I'm in year 12 and shouldn't watch an hour (or more) of TV 6 days a week but I can't help myself, I guess it's where I secretly/not so secretly want to be. Luckily now that it's over I can get my head back in the books and start studying again as I've only been studying an hour or so a day due to tutoring and masterchef.

Anyone else love masterchef as much as I do? And wish that they were on it? Lots of people have told me to go apply for it but I don't think I will. First of all I won't make it cos my cooking is pretty fail. Secondly my food knowledge isn't very deep and broad, unlike Adam, I've never even heard of Romensco (or whatever the sauce was) before, but then again neither did Callum...Thirdly even IFFFFF (meaning practically impossible) I do make it to auditions and what not, filming starts November this year...exactly when VCE EXAMS are...maybe I'll try out next year. I would love to spend 8 months cooking and living in that awesome house......I'm dreaming again.

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