Friday, July 2, 2010

Cooking: Nasi Lemak

I will confess I never order this dish when I'm out. Seriously never, except for when I went to Nasi Lemak House. So Poh introduced it/made it on her show on Wednesday and I remembered we had a packet of Beef Rendang paste in the pantry so today I made Nasi Lemak. Supposedly the national dish of Malaysia, and supposedly it's eaten for breakfast. Malaysians are truly amazing, I have no idea how I could eat sambal for breakfast.
There are a few elements to Nasi Lemak. Coconut rice (hence the name), ikan billis (dried anchovies), peanuts, sambal, I added egg, cucumber and beef rendang, not sure whether any of those are "traditional".

Mum made the eggs, coconut rice and the ikan billis with peanuts (using Tony Tan's recipe in the Gourmet Traveller from yonks ago).
I made the rendang (from a packet mix) and sambal. I officially respect all those who make sambal regularly, all those chopped onions and red chillies seriously just make you cry and your nose go funny. But all the tears are so worth it, end result is a delicious chilli fragrant kick.

Super yummy dinner, not to mention fattening as well.


  1. yup this is pretty much a traditional nasi lemak. there are also variations you can use sotong (squid) or chicken instead of beef. the portion of the nasi lemak they have in stores are much much smaller though.

  2. phew, at least i didn't add something that didn't belong.
    but at home you can afford to be a bit more generous :)