Friday, July 9, 2010

Cooking: Tonkatsu again :)

Asked Mum what she was making for dinner and when she said 西汁猪扒 (dunno why "west" comes up as a T)(pork chops in western sauce) I asked whether I could make tonkatsu (吉列猪扒)instead. Not that there is anything wrong with Pork Chops in Western Sauce but after 15 years of it, it's good to have some variation sometimes.

A whole lot of tonkatsu. Bro managed to polish it off. Every time I make tonkatsu I have two problems, one being it gets soggy after a little while and the second is the coating doesn't stick to the pork. I think I have solved problem one by using panko breadcrumbs and doing this
After watching a few youtube vids of pro's doing it I have learnt that u have to drain them like this, not flat on its back. Even fish and chip shops do this. Used a steaming rack. Ingenious =P

Still have to work on getting the crumb to stick onto the pork. Help please?


  1. you probably already do it but just in case, do you dip the pork in egg before you coat it with panko? also you might want to "double dip"; re-coating the panko covered pork in egg and panko again

    gah i want some of that tonkatsu :D

  2. yeah i do, i've tried double coating but it just doesn't stay either way. there must be a secret. air pockets form wen i deep fry them which makes the crumb not stick to the pork. sooooo annnoying

    u should make some :)

  3. i've made them a few times before in the past but not recently. looking back at my recipe, i coat the pork in flour -> egg -> panko. try it next time :D

  4. thats exactly how i made mine though. i think its cos i used the pork chop with the bone in it.