Monday, February 21, 2011

Suzuki Night Market

Went to the Suzuki Night Market last Wednesday. Although I didn't eat much there since the food was quite expensive and the boy couldn't eat much since he had training later at night.
Tornado Potato Cheese Flavour $5 [Suzuki Night Market]
Finally tried the Twister Potato for $5, I haven't really seen it for cheaper anywhere. I have to be honest it was quite delicious. Fluffy potato, crispy outside. Good to try things at least once.

Lemonade Slushie $6 [Suzuki Night Market]
Since the potato was sooo salty we were desperate for a drink. Authentic lemonade of course!!! And since it was really hot and humid that night why not go for lemonade slushie for $6. Haven't had some decent lemonade in a while. Very refreshing.

The night market is only open for 2 more weeks to GET DOWN THERE on a Wednesday. It is a good experience. Although both the boy and I said "The walkways are not narrow enough for it to be a night market! And not enough people!" We are both too used to ASIAN night markets.
Suzuki Night Market on Urbanspoon
Yes it's on urbanspoon 0.0 and I'm the first to like.