Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eating Out: Teru Teru Japanese Cafe Revisited [578 Station St Box Hill, 3128]

Came back here to try out their udon. I still love this place. Next time I'm feeling under the weather and it's winter I should probably come here for udon.
Sorry about the camera quality, taken with phone as I left my camera at home that day.
Tonkatsu Udon $10 [Teru Teru, Box Hill]
Tonkatsu Udon $10
If it's a weekday $10 will also get you a drink. 
Likes: Springy not mushy udon
Naruto (fishcake slices) 
Dashi broth, nice and light.
Dislikes: Tonkatsu came submerged in the soup =[
Not suitable for a hot summers day.
Teru Teru Japanese Cafe on Urbanspoon

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