Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eating Out: RaRamen [114 Kings Way Glen Waverley, 3150]

I wished I lived in Glen Waverley, in particular near Kings Way. Food heaven =] Going to keep this short and sweet.
Lanzhou Noodle Soup under $10 [RaRamen, Glen Waverley]

Lanzhou Noodles $9ish 兰州拉面
Likes: The fatty braised beef.
Meaty flavour.
Fresh noodles.
Serving size.
Dislikes: Uneven noodle sizes, some noodles perfect some mushy.
Not enough vegies to make you feel somewhat better from the fatty meat.
Pan Fried Dumplings $8something [RaRamen Glen Waverley]

Pan Fried Dumplings $8ish 锅贴
Likes: Super crispy
Big filling
Dislikes: A little too oily

Food: 8.5/10 Noodles were really good, especially the beef accompanying it. The dumplings weren't bad. 
Service/Environment: 7.5/10 Seemed to be only 2 waitresses when I was there. They are very quick and efficient. I guess because drinks are help yourself. It's relatively clean.
Value: 9/10 Portions are large. $17 something for 2 and ended up doggy bagging and having it for lunch the next day. Oh and there's free unlimited slurpee
Accessibility: Train and bus. 
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  1. I liked the dumplings but the rice dishes were absolutely dog slop (I wouldn't even feed it to my dog). Also, bad service. What's the point of going to a sit-down restaurant if you have to get your own bowls and other shit?

  2. The point of going to a sit down restaurent that's self serve is at the end you just stand up and leave, no dishes no fuss. And it's the same price as any take away.