Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eating Out: China Red [Shop 6, 206 Bourke St Melbourne, 3000]

Am I the last to visit this place? Came here after my friends and I got out Uni offers =O yes this post is beyond late. We managed to get the room to ourselves all night since it was Monday, however I was surprised at how filled he restaurant was on a Monday night. Service is quick but not without it's issues. Our first dish arrived before we had even finished ordering. I don't remember exact names of dishes or prices. Most dishes were around the $20 mark and the dumplings under $10.

Seafood Vermicelli Hot Pot [China Red, City]
Seafood Vermicelli Hot Pot 海鲜粉丝煲
Likes: Variety of seafood.
Dislikes: Don't remember anything bad.
Crispy Skin Chicken [China Red, City]

Crispy Skin Chicken 炸子鸡
Likes: Serious crispy skin
Dislikes: Portion size given price
Chicken meat was a little dry
Salted Egg Yolk Pumpkin [China Red, City]
Pumpkin Stir Fried in Salted Egg Yolk
Likes: Strong salted egg yolk flavour
Good with rice or by itself
Dislikes: PRICE $17 =.="
Not crispy
Beef Cooked in Chilli Broth? Or Water cooked beef [China Red, City]

Beef Slices cooked in Chilli Broth 水煮牛
Likes: Serving size
Lots of aromatics
The serving spoon
Dislikes: Flavourless beef
Boiled Pork Dumplings [China Red, City]

Boiled Beijing Dumplings 12pcs
Likes: Lots of filling
Fresh skin
Dislikes: A bit plain on their own
Vegetable Dumplings [China Red, City]

Vegetable Dumplings
Don't remember the taste
Likes: Presentation
Dislikes: Don't remember

Food: 8.5/10 The food here is of pretty high level. I guess slightly above average chinese food.
Service/Environment: 8/10 Service was a bit of a let down as we had to ask for water about 3 times before someone actually got us some. Also communication problems so we had to resort to speaking in Chinese, which was still a bit of a problem as some waitresses spoke Mando and some Canto. But hey, there was at least one of us who could speak either or both of those languanges. Environment is very good, room to ourselves, only complaint would be the crappy music that makes you feel as though you are in the bathroom.
Value: 8/10 Some dishes overprices but since it's in the city it is acceptable. 
Accessibility: 9/10 In the city, maybe a little hard to find for those unfamiliar to Chinatown and surroundings.

Verdict? I'm a poor student. And you can get the food offered there a little closer to home.
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  1. haha i went here last week with a friend, we thought it was kinda pricey and we thought the stir fried pumpkin was a rip off so we didn't order it. we ended up getting the xiao long bao, chive pancakes (we thought it tasted kinda wierd) and pan fried dumplings. too bad the pan fried dumplings didn't have any meat juice in it, but i love the gingery filling :)

    haha enough of my ramblings, have a happy Chinese new year !! best wishes for you and your family to enjoy a prosperous year of happiness, health and wealth! :) have fun in uni!

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