Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eating Out: No picture reviews.

I think every blogger hits a point where they feel like blogging is a chore. In particular food bloggers-reviewers, they feel the need to take a break, not because they have eaten too much good food, but because eating out has lost it's meaning. Having said that there is always that voice in the back of your head that goes, you should be blogging this when you're just trying to have a good meal with company. Lately I have tried a few new places and did not take pictures, tried not to think about the food but mainly about who I was with, what I was celebrating and just treasuring the moment. Except I have also discovered that once you decide to be a food blogger, you always search for ways for improvements, what should be done differently.
Also my SD card has recently screwed up and I have lost some pictures for some restaurants (before I hit the eating out has changed mindset).

Dakao Hoang [17 Balmoral Ave Springvale, 3171]
Likes: Cleanish. Honest viet food. Generous serving.
Dislikes: Unsqueezable lemon pieces (not wedges). Fail air con.

Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant [171 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000 (Chinatown)]
Likes: Generous amount of peking duck. Carved super efficiently. Get both skin and meat.
Dislikes: The duck was a little dry. Not enough fat. Other dishes were pretty average. Expected a lot better.
Major Dislike: THE SERVICE. Waitress purposely looking away until another waiter attended to us.

Nhu Lan [152 Victoria Street, Richmond, 3121]
Likes: Clean.
Dislikes: Smaller bun than usual at a higher price. Lady completely forgot that I requested no soya sauce but was very very willing to make me a new one, no matter how many times I said it's okay, she still did. How nice =]

Random place in Springvale Shopping Centre (I think) on the corner
Awesome $5 deal of Viet Roll AND Bubble Tea with Pearls. Although the bun is a little smaller than usual everything was delicious inside and the roll is the crustiest I have ever had. I will be back.

Menya [437 Elizabeth St, Melbourne 3000]
Likes: Big serving size. Delicious. I got the Ginseng Pork Bone Ramen. Didn't taste ginseng. Got three massive pork bones, one slab of pork and bamboo slices. CLEAN. Egg was nice and soft and soya sauce browned on the outside.
Dislikes: It looked like tonkotsu soup base in the picture, came out as shoyu =[ They had the superbowl on and all the guys were glued to it.
8.5/10 Will be back

Kun Ming Restaurant [212 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, 3000]
Likes: Quality chinese food. Clean. Honest food. Reasonable prices
Dislikes: Some serving sizes.