Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eating Out: Coconut House Revisited [449 Elizabeth St Melbourne, 3000]

After spending the day out in the city celebrating CNY with K仔 we decided to stay out and have dinner. We hadn't had dinner together in....have we even had dinner alone before? Had some epic lamb skewers at one of the stalls in Chinatown for lunch, I asked the lady for chilli and she rolls the skewers in a tray of crushed dried chilli, set my mouth and lips on fire. Anyways back to dinner, it was K仔's turn to pick a restaurant and after trying to find something Korean and failing we ended up at Coconut House. Seriously can't go wrong (unless you're pretty hungry).
Fresh Soya Milk Cold [Coconut House]
Cold Soya Milk $2.50or80 冻豆奶
Likes: Perfectly sweet.
No sediment.
Great to oppose the sambal
Relatively large cup (I'm guessing 300-350ml)
Dislikes: Price (I can get a whole bottle from the asian grocery store at that price)
Curry Cheong Fun [Coconut House]
Curry Cheong Fun  $6.50
(topped with mushroom and minced pork)
Likes: Interesting concept.
Curry had curry flavour
Decent amount of pork
Dislikes: Curry was quite watery
Mushrooms had no mushroom flavour
Nasi Lemak [Coconut House, City]

Nasi Lemak $8something
Likes: Flavoursome chicken
Insane amount of sambal
Dislikes: Not enough cucumber to counter sambal.
Sambal so chilli that you cannot taste coconut rice

Food: 8.5/10 Still high quality Malay food.
Service/Environment: 6/10 Cramped. Service ain't particularly friendly. NO TEH TARIK? Because the boiler was broken? wtf is a stove and pot for? Do it the old fashioned way. Malay place without Teh Tarik = serious problems.
Value: 7/10 I have to lower this as the serving size has seemed to have shrunk. Enough for a lunch. Watched another diner polish of a hainanese chicken rice in minutes including every drop of the soup. Yummy or just not enough? I think both.
Accessibilty: Tram on Elizabeth St. A few minutes walk from Melbourne Central.
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