Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Food Court Challenge: I ♥ Teppanyaki and Dumpling King [Westfield Doncaster]

♥ Teppanyaki
 OK Deluxe (I think) $6ish
I can't exactly remember which one it was but it had bacon, pumpkin as well as the usual peas and cabbage. Freshly made to order with lots of sauce. Cheap, filling and delicious lunch.

Verdict? Definitely come back again but probably only for their okonomiyaki.  
Dumpling King
Dumplings in spicy soup $9.80
Wanted to try they dumplings as they make them in the little window next to the counter. The dumplings themselves are quite good, thick skinned with a generous pork filling. Unfortunately the soup was indeed spicy and filled with msg. It was good but my mouth was on fire and I could barely taste the dumplings. I really liked the addition of the seaweed like stuff, added a crunchy texture compared to the soft dumplings.

Verdict? Haven't really had a great experience with this place, I think it's a little overpriced and laden with msg.

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