Friday, December 24, 2010

Eating Out: Honkie Breakfast at Jade Hong Kong Cafe [Carrington Rd, Box Hill]

Not many places serve honkie breakfasts here in Melbourne. You have to go to the asian suburbs and it is very expensive especially when compared to HK. In HK a honkie breakfast costs a few aussie dollars whilst here it's a minimum of $7 or so.

There are about 8-10 options for breakfast all include a drink.
 Cold Milk Tea
Worst idea of the day, felt sick all day long. Can't stomach cold milk tea first thing in the morning.
 Macaroni in Stock
Average honkie style macaroni. Don't expect al dente pasta or homemade chicken stock. You'll get neither.
Bacon and egg with a slice of buttered toast cut in half
Very generous amount of bacon compared with what I'm used to. Egg crispy. Didn't eat the toast, I was way too full.

Altogether it was $7.50. Be warned, the meals are quite large and extremely filling.

Food: 7/10 Average honkie breakfast. Nothing special. 
Service/Environment: 7/10 Quick. Not shining clean though.
Value: 7/10 A little on the pricier side.

Verdict? Unfortunately I'm not that into honkie breakfasts. Except my mum comes here every single week before she goes grocery shopping, that suggests that it is not bad.
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