Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cooking: Shucking Oysters

Not exactly cooking as we ate them raw. $10.50 a doz from coles unshucked. It is worth the $2 saving to shuck them yourself? At least you know when they were shucked and they didn't sit around exposed for who knows how many days.
I don't know why but the shells were really brittle. Not exactly sure where these oysters were from but were they from slightly more acidic water? 
I still can't shuck them from the hinge, they just don't want to open that way. So I shuck them by piercing the wider end at a weak spot. Anyone got tips for shucking from the hinge end? 
 12 shucked oysters
They weren't bad, but not as rich as I hoped. I don't think they were very fresh.

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