Monday, November 29, 2010

Revisited: Nasi Lemak House

Went back to Nasi Lemak House. This time I decided to ignore its name and try a non nasi lemak dish. I chose the Hokkien Mee instead.
Hokkien Mee $9.90 
Not exactly what I expected. Hoping for a darker sweeter sauce. It was quite salty and the ingredients weren't that fresh. Oh and I think I might ask for my green vegies to be cooked and not raw next time.

My bro's leftover sambal. The sambal seems a little different to what I had when I first went there. It was more oily and less chunky. However the chilli level was about the same.

If I come back here I'd definitely stick to the nasi lemak, afterall that's why they're called Nasi Lemak House right?

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