Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eating Out: Wild Fish [40 Wharf Street Port Albert VIC 3971]

Right next door to the fish and chip shop is a restaurant. Reviews said the food there was amazing. However after eating there I found it good-great but not amazing.
Bread-warm and soft except a tiny part in the middle wasn't cooked. 
 Pan Fried Kingfish with Tempura Potato Cakes on Stir Fried Julienne Vegetables $29
I don't exactly remember the exact name but it was somewhere along the lines of this. This was the chef's special. The kingfish was crispy and fresh and a lot larger than what I expected. The potato cakes were just potato cakes of a higher quality than usual. Also unexpected was the amount of vegies, a kid's worse nightmare, but they were evenly julienned with a slightly sweet sauce which went well with the salty fish. The tartare sauce helped the somewhat dry fish and potato cakes. I think a wedge of lemon would have really lifted the dish and made it less rich and filling as it was quite oily.
 Snapper Fillet with Chermoula $27ish
The size of the fillet was a little disappointing. Dad was filled up by chips. 
Flake and Scallop Pie $26ish
Probably the most expensive pie I've ever tasted. It was a little larger than usual but didn't look too appealing. Inside it was filled with fish and scallops and my brother was pretty full afterwards. 
Linguini marinara with prawns, scallops, mussels & whitefish $27ish
A lot like the one I had at Berth at Docklands. Mum really enjoyed her dinner and was very full from the pasta.

Food: 8/10 Fresh seafood but of course there is always room for improvement. Especially the non seafood elements.
Service/Environment: 9.5/10 Although the decor is a little simple but the view is amazing, especially the sunset. The service was very impressive.
Value: 8.5/10 I have to say considering the freshness of the seafood it is good value for money. Under $30 for a main is already on the cheaper side of fine dining and we're talking seafood main courses so very good value.

Verdict? Considering the location of this place I highly doubt I will be returning in the near future. It is worth a visit if you're somewhat within the area.

This place isn't on urbanspoon yet. It definitely should be.