Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eating Out: Port Albert Wharf Fish and Chips [40 Wharf St, Port Albert VIC 3971, Australia]

The family went to Port Albert for a few days last week. On the first night we had fish and chips. Except we didn't eat it by the sea like I wanted to. I really do believe that dining is about environment and experience.
Flat head on the left and flake on the right
Both were crunchy with a thin batter. Both seemed to be quite fresh and I didn't really have a preference. I do believe that the flathead could be locally caught as we managed to catch quite a few flathead ourselves off the pier. Around $6.50 a piece it does seem a little expensive considering fishing your own flathead is virtually free (bait is cheap)
 Fisherman's basket
Fish bites, seafood stick, prawn(from a packet), calamari(from a packet), scallop with roe and chips I think. Not bad for a one person dinner.
Large Chips
Was very large and we struggled to finish it. Sauce would have helped a lot. The chips weren't that spectacular, to be honest they were slightly disappointing compared to the fish.

Food: 8.5/10 The chips were a let down but the fish was pretty good.
Service/Environment: 9/10 If only we ate it by the sea and burning hot.
Value: 7.5/10 A little pricey but you do pay for quality.

Verdict? I don't think I'll be in the area for a while unfortunately but I will definitely come back again if I had the chance to.

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  1. one fisherman's basket to me in germany plx - thank u!