Monday, May 23, 2011

Eating Out: Palms Foodcourt and Restaurant [Glen Waverley, 3150]

213-215 Blackburn Road
Glen Waverley, 3150

For the past 12 weeks I've eaten out pretty much every Friday night yet I seemed to have only reviewed a couple of places. I have no idea how that works...but I think some contributing factors include not bringing my camera and being wayyy too hungry to care after 2 hours of intense frisbee.

From around week 2 the boy and I have said we should try Curry and Chips as I pass it everyday to and from uni. And 10 weeks later we end up at last Friday night where I said "we're going to Curry and Chips cos otherwise we'll never go" and guess what we stood outside the door and decided to go Palms Foodcourt behind us instead.

Curry Laksa $9.50 [Palms Food Court]
         Curry Laksa $9.50
+ Lots of spices
+ Correct noodles
+ Lots of tofu puffs to soak up the soup
-Soup was way too thick with not enough coconut milk
- Hardly any toppings
- No vegies except for beansprouts.
Hainanese Chicken Rice $9 [Palms Food Court]
Hainanese Chicken Rice $9
+ Decent serving size
+ Sauces had a strong taste
-Chicken was BITTER
-Chicken contained lots of bones, little meat and was not cleaned of innards
-Rice wasn't chickeny
-Soup was worse than msg soup, had a weird aftertaste.

Food: 6/10 Chicken rice was the worst I've ever had. Curry laksa possibly passable.
Service/Environment: 7/10 Seems relatively renovated except the tables are just way too close to each other.
Value: 5/10 Sure you're getting dinner for under $10 per person but if you think about it you can a curry laksa for the same price at Laksa King which is many times better and a chicken rice from Wong's Lucky Bar for $1 cheaper and a billion times better....go figure
Accessibility: A few minutes walk from Syndal Station, otherwise also accessible by bus.

Verdict? I have a feeling this place is only good for the Indian food and not the Malaysian food. The Malaysian food is easily summed up by the boy "I realise why my parents don't come here anymore". ONLY reason I might come back is for their Indian side.
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  1. my first exposure to laksa was in Sydney. Ahhh memories...

  2. Drooling over the chicken rice...!! Haven't had it for ages...!

  3. wok fried food such as ckt and hor fun are pretty good..has the char taste to it....nonya hut across the road has much better laksa and chicken rice