Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Training for Masterchef, Join Me =]

This idea came to me last year but I couldn't do it as there was no time in year 12 to cook (But there was time to watch every episode of Masterchef Sun-Fri =P). Now at uni I'm finding equally if not more challenging to find the time to cook. Instant noodles do not count as cooking by the way.
Many friends of mine told me to sign up for Masterchef last year, however I knew I didn't have the skills or knowledge to. However it would have been really cool to be the youngest person to audition, whether I would get chosen was another issue. Currently I don't actually plan to audition for Masterchef because I know that I'll throw my university degree away to pursue a career in cooking. Another problem is the lifestyle that comes with being a chef. It's a hard job/life that you won't be appreciated for (something I find many people overlook) keep in mind I'm not saying any job is easy but standing up all day until the wee hours of the morning in an incredibly hot environment 6-7 days a week for decades is not what I'm prepared to do.

So getting back on track, what was the idea?
To do the challenges they face on the show in my/your own kitchen (well mums kitchen, she's quite possessive of it). I'm leaning more towards the mystery box challenge as I'll probably only have enough time to cook once a week. Otherwise the invention test is also a pretty good option.
Please join me in this "training"/"challenge" what ever you may like to call it.

On the first episode (Sunday night May 1st) they had to cook something with basic ingredients. I'll have to watch the part where they list all the ingredients they can use. I'm thinking roasted tomato soup with (spicy) flatbread croutons. Probably not enough to wow the judges but enough to satisfy my tomato soup craze (Heinz is the best out of 4 brands I've tried so far, Campbells being the worst and Aldi coming in second, I don't remember Coles but obviously it wasn't good enough to stay in my memory)

PS. Currently in the library reading Adam Liaw's Two Asian Kitchens and I'm loving it, I shall get my own copy for myself one day. Hopefully it'll be the first cookbook I'll ever buy.