Monday, May 23, 2011

Masterchef Training: [Week 3]

Once again no recipe for this week. Because I'm such a last minute person I spend my weekends frantically rushing assignments/essay/other homework and therefore don't get to cook.
However, some good news my very first Masterchef Magazine arrived earlier this week and I was super excited. Yes, I like over 5000 other aussies bought the deal from that deal website which I have forgotten the name of already. So stay tuned there are a few dishes I want to cook from the mag.

A quick overview of the Masterchef week:
Sunday: The rabbit mystery box. I don't think I'll be attempting this one, at least not until holidays. I have found a butcher which sells them (Pinewood Shopping Centre near Coles) if you're interested.
Monday: Pressure test of bombe alaksa. This one I will definitely attempt. I don't think I can do it under timed conditions as I only have one ice cream machine.
Tuesday: Celebrity chef challenge of PIE!! Also going to attempt to make pie over the holidays, without kidneys though thanks :)
Wednesday: Team challenge
Thursday: Pressure test again. 10 minute dish. I would have either made steak (thicker than that guys though) with coleslaw or pan fried salmon steak (pink just cooked centre for that creaminess) with some sort of avocado.
Friday: Masterclass, I still haven't finished watching it yet.

Thats all for this week.

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