Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Full 360

This is not a review or a recipe post.

In a month a half's time this blog will have done a 360, a full cycle. The very reason why I started blogging was to document and share the great foods of Hong Kong, which explains the weblink name, Honkiememories, for the blog. And during the 2 years that I have been posting here I have learnt and discovered so much about food. About my passion, although there were times where I hit the blogging wall and have only recently gotten back into it.

Needless to say I'm incredibly excited. The thought of the shopping and food is driving me through this exam period. However things in HK aren't very cheap any more, especially since the exchange rate has dropped =[ Meaning I'll have to work extra shifts at work and save up more.

I'll probably blog as often as I can in HK so I don't end up with a backlog of posts. So if you're interested, come and check every now and then over summer or you can look at my Hong Kong posts from the start of the blog. However, I'm considering to end this blog after the trip. It just feels like I've accomplished what I want with the blog.

Please drop a comment if you have any good suggestions on where to eat in HK, or what foods are must eats.


  1. I loved reading through all our HK posts ;) It completely motivated me to write blog posts more often when on holidays- only problem was that I read it meany meany months before I actually went on holidays, and so I never really ended up posting anything :S

    I'm going to HK too! I'm so excited :D I haven't tried it, but have you heard of a restaurant in Hong Kong called Modern Toilet? I've always wanted to go there.....

  2. omg that's where I've been wanting to go too. I always forget and parents don't seem as keen on the idea as I am. I'll try and visit this trip.