Thursday, December 1, 2011


For the last few months this blog has seen little to pretty much no proper food posts. I haven't been happy with my photos of my cooking, mainly due to my want to just dig in instead and also I've been forgetting my camera when I've been going out to eat, and don't mention using my phone, it's a piece of shit. Wish I could throw it at Vodafone for selling me such a dodge phone, but then all their customers want to do that, it's nicknamed Vodafail for a reason.

Back to food, I've been cooking but nothing really worthy of blogging *ahem supermarket roast chicken for dinner*. And if I'm not eating at home then I'm probably eating at work/sneaking freshly fried chips and then paying the consequence by burning my mouth from both oil and steam burn. But I've found the perfect combination, freshly fried chips with mayo, rib sauce and hot sauce(basting as we call it at work). Sooooo good, too bad customers can't try it.

And I've been working a second job lately (all that shopping and eating in HK doesn't fund itself) that has required me to wake up at 6:40am to get to work at 7:45am. I am most definitely not a morning person which meant a buttered raisin toast sandwich in the car on the way to work, where my brother would drive and I'd hold his sandwich until we hit a red light. (Umm is that illegal? I have an inkling it is).

Otherwise, I'm leaving in 3 days for Beijing, then Tokyo and then to Hong Kong. In my mind I know I should be overjoyed that I'm finally visiting my most wanted to visit country (Japan) at last and not to mention my favourite cuisine but I'm not for some reason. Not even motivated to look up places to eat. I think I've decided this time, I'm just going to not have a 30 dish long list of things I really really want to eat in Hong Kong. Just going to eat local and what I can't get here.

As I was cleaning my room, I found two books on Honkie food that I had gotten for my Vce Chinese Detail Study *shudders* and flicked through them to see if there is anything that I didn't try last trip.

  • The book starts with curry fishballs which are pretty much a staple anyways and you don't need to go out of your way for. 
  • But the second dish the book looks into is fake sharkfin soup which is actually a proper hawker kind of dish in Hong Kong. I think its all about the texture and treasures in the "little bowl sharkfin soup". 
  • It goes on to siewmai on a stick which is usually sold at the same stall as curry fishballs. But what interests me is the more delicate dumplings that aren't done very well here which I'm looking forward to when I have yumcha in HK. 
  • A breakfast item, zhu cheong fun, which are white cyclindrical rolled rice sheets the size of a finger drizzled with special sauces (like sesame, chilli and a soy based one). Craving a nice bowl for breakfast.
  • Hopefully I get to eat these fishcakes that are sold at the start of the street by distant uncle lives on in a more ruralish part of china. If the stall is still there, they were delicious, a whole bag for like a buck or two aussie.
  • Razor clams and small live prawns. Razor clams because they're great for sticking to delicious sauces and we can't get them here and small live prawns that have been poached and dipped into chilli soy sauce because it's one of my favourite foods in HK. So sweet and fresh. 
  • Chinese preserved meats especially on claypot rice because the prices here are ridiculous and not to mention the difference in portion size when at a restaurant. 
  • Polo (pineapple) buns. Especially with a chilled chuck of butter in the middle of the hot fluffy bun, heart attack but its only once or twice during the trip!
  • Egg baked fish intestines, sounds gross but tastes delicious. Supposedly its not very hygienic. 
  • Congee for breakfast cos I'm an old grandma. They give you a quarter of a century egg in your congee here, over one whole one in HK, for a third of the price. 
  • Prawn eggs mixed in egg noodles? Something like that, looks so delicious, texture wonderland. I'm guessing much like tobiko?
  • Fried fish skin with soup noodles. Just try it. 
Thats all that I can think of for now. If you manage to read to this point, you probably want your time back, but at least you know some of the less known deliciousness' in HK. 
It's late at night and I woke up at 6:40am to go to work today, sorry that this post is all over the place. 

Rest assured, there will be a flood of posts in a week or two's time, all about Beijing, Tokyo and HK. 
Due to lack of internet I cannot say when these posts will be up, but I'll hopefully write them up at the end of each day and post them when I have internet.