Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Eating Out: Menya [City, 3000]

We were originally planning on going to Coconut House but as we were walking there we remembered that Menya was only a few doors down. With Malaysian and Japanese my two favourite cuisines we were faced with a dilemma. The prices at both are about the same ($8-$10) and meals come out very promptly. The difference is Coconut House is more flavour packed whereas Menya has much larger portion sizes. 

Curry Katsu Don $8.50
+ One whole crispy pork cutlet
+ Very Japanese curry
+ Tender vegetables

- The large portion size felt like a waste as it was impossible to finish
- The pork coating was very salty

Oyako Don $8.50
+ Heaps of egg, chicken and crunchy veggies
Nice sweetish sauce

- Lacked seasoning (I think more sauce would have made it even better)

Food: It’s decent but nothing incredible, usually Japanese has very distinct flavours and good seasoning. Just felt lacking here.
Service: You get led to your table, you order +pay at the counter, grab a number and the meals will come out promptly. Tea and water are all self service.
Environment: A rather large restaurant for the city and clean but you’re still packed like sardines and during lunch it runs at full capacity.
Value: I challenge anyone to finish 2/3 of the rice, an impossible feat unless you are starving.

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  1. hihi miss foodie!
    I always used to walk pass that particular row of shops on the way to work and always saw coconut house and this other chinese restaurant. Both were always soooo packed! Is either one recommended?
    Loves xx

  2. Coconut house is alright, you should check it out if you want some malaysian food. Menya is good if you're super dooper hungry and I havne't tried the chinese place, I want to but every time I go past it is packed.