Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eating Out: Simon's Peiking Duck Restaurant [197b Middleborough Rd Box Hill South, 3128]

Tuesday night and they still had 2 seatings with the 8pm one about 75% full. You know this meal will be up to par. This place has been reviewed by everyone, critics and bloggers. As a result I think it's overrated, however it is pretty damn good, I was just expecting out of this world amazing which obviously wasn't the case.

So I'm assuming the first thing everyone notices is how come it's spelt Peiking and not Peking. That I cannot answer but I believe someone blogged about it already HOWEVER according to their array of awards/certificates/qualifications stuck to the window this restaurant is actually registered as Simon's Peking Duck Restaurant. Yes without the "i". Could someone clarify this on their next visit? Not that it really matters.

Simon's Peiking Duck
         Peking Duck $55/65 a duck (3 courses) 15 pancakes
+ Crispiest skin (quite certain it's so crispy because it has been flash FRIED)
+ Lots of skin with some meat
+ Good balance of flavours
+ Thin pancakes so you don't get full as fast
- Not enough fat under the skin (could be due to frying rendering it all out)
- More pancakes please =P
Timorese Chicken
               Timorese Chicken $17.80 I think
Simon said this dish was one of his favourites and supposedly marinated for 24 hours, maybe acquired taste?
+ Large serving
+ Sweet, salty, sour, chilli flavour explosion
- Flavours tasted all mixed up and not too pleasant
- Wasn't very fresh
Belachan Vegies
                        Belachan Vegetables 
Simon says (haha touch your toes) he doesn't like okra because it's slimy but I like it for its weird texture.
+ Slightly chilli
+ Belachan wasn't overpowering
+ Variety (beans, okra, eggplant, asparagus)
- Quite oily

Food: 9/10 Must say the peking duck is very very good. I went to Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant a month ago and that peking duck was atrocious and it's supposed to a specialist restaurant. The thin pancakes were special and perfect. Timorese chicken was a bit of a let down. The noodle and soup course were very average.
Service: 9/10 Amazing for an Asian restaurant. I was more than pleased after my last restaurant visit being Yuki Japanese (my rage post is yet to be posted, but do check Urbanspoon for reviews or should I say explosive rage rants). Simon is what customer service should be like. Also the waiters/waitresses are very attentive, we ran out of water and one look at them and one look at the jug was all that was needed to get refills.
Environment: 7/10 Very cramped. Obviously trying to fit as many tables as they can in which leads to invasion of private space.
Accessibility: Bus and car. 733 bus from Box Hill to Oakleigh (vice versa) passes it, not sure what other buses if any.

Verdict? Will come back. Next time NO WAY am I sharing a duck between 4 people. 2 people maybe 3 to a duck. Peking Duck is just one of those foods which no one wants to share.
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