Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eating Out: Petaling Street Revisted Again(Afternoon Tea Special) + Desert [600 Station St, Box Hill]

Yes I went to Petaling Street AGAIN for their afternoon tea special. So far I've tried 4 out of the 9 specials.
This time I chose the Wonton Mee (Dry)
Very different to to Honkie Wonton Noodles which is wontons and noodles in soup. Malay style however comes with char siu which was a very weird concept to me at first but after having countless arguments with K仔 about whether Honkie or Malay Wonton Noodles is better and having a taste of Malay style I've been converted!

Going to rate the Wonton Mee according to Leslie Tay's (super famous Singaporean food blogger who's a doctor by day) expectations which are written in his book which I love (thanks K仔 for getting it for me from Singapore =] )

Wonton Mee $6.80 with drink [Petaling Street]
Wonton Noodle (Dry) $6.80 with drink
Afternoon Special Mon-Fri 3-5pm

+ Super tasty QQ noodles
+ Massive serving of noodles
+ Enough wontons
+ Meaty tasting char siu which looked dry but was alright.
- RED char siu, more would have been nice as well
- Char siu wasn't fatty enough, and no crispy burnt bits =[
- MSG wontons with little filling

Teh Tarik $3 [Petaling Street]
Teh Tarik $3
Have had many many cups of this
+ Nice and frothy
+ Very smooth and milky
- Price

Ice Kachang $4.5 [Petaling Street]
Ice Kachang $4.50
Massive BEWARE
+ Size
+ Colourful
+ Price
- Hard to eat without it going everywhere
- All the goodies are at the bottom, very hard to reach
- Coloured syrup is very very sweet
- Feels neverending

One problem with the ice kachang. There is a minimum charge of $3.50 per person however the ice kachang is so massive you need at least 2 people to help attack it which doesn't meet the $3.50 minimum charge. I think they should waive the charge if the itemed ordered it ice kachang, seriously I'd like to see on of the workers there finish one themselves without chucking it up afterwards.

There is a Petaling Street opening on Swanston St in the city. Ever wondered why this place has soon to be 4 chain stores? Because their food is ABOVE AVERAGE at reasonable prices.


  1. haha so gonna try the petalling st when it opens in swanston! something to do during my 4hr lunch break :) and man, that ice kachang is HUGE!

  2. it sounds like a great place to go to for students. i have been following your blog and liked it too

  3. @grub: Huge doesn't even describe it, it's scary.
    yeah i wanna try the swanston st one too! tell me when it opens, i don't go city very often cos i'm stuck at clayton now :( not much good food around there.

    @katy_em: yeah it's good for malay students as the food is quite decent, not some aussiefied version.
    thanks :)