Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cooking: Baked Oysters

Yesterday whilst grocery shopping with mum, we decided to get some oysters for dinner. Kinda cheap at $9.99 a doz (although u can get it for $7 a doz at narooma) since it's normally around $12 or more a doz.But at that price there must be a catch right? Catch is they were UNSHUCKED oysters, in other words they weren't opened yet. I learned how to shuck oysters almost a year ago when we went to Narooma in NSW, that place is full of oysters. Really really nice town, the water is crystal blue.
So we didn't end up eating the oysters yesterday for dinner and instead we ate them for lunch today. Decided to make baked oysters.
Ingredients: Oysters, onion, bacon, cream and cheese.

Before they went under the grill

After they came out
Quite nice, could have been better. Everytime you learn something and you'll know how to improve next time.
Don't know when i'll cook next.


  1. yummmm-ehhh!! they look freakin awesome bow yunny! i read ur things i want to make before i go to HK...panna cotta...its pretty easy man :) and pho?? i tried that once and the soup was to fishy...opps!! gl gl!

    btw...i dunno how this blog thing works, so this is silvia incase you thought i was some cah-ray-shee stalker!

  2. thanks :)
    yeah, it sounds easy to make and also really easy to screw up.
    fishy pho? wat did u put in it?

    hehe, i can see, it says silvia said...

  3. Dude you really need to work on your english, or ur gonna fail VCE! Quote "not really that cheap 'but' $9.99 (wtf?)...its really hard to find $12 a doz (huh? u mean less than $12 a doz???)" and "i've save my family" (your tenses are all wrong) and "i've learnt" (i think you mean learned)... man your english sucks like a FOBS!!!

  4. okay...i know I'm going to fail vce English.
    btw, its u're not ur.
    i know it didn't make sense but i was in a rush. And yes i know i have a problem with tenses. i swear i was taught "learnt" but if it makes u happy i'll go change it all.
    "like a FOBS" <-- i think that's grammatically incorrect to.
    who is this btw?