Thursday, September 1, 2011


Been neglecting my blog a bit recently
But I've started a new job and it's really eating up my time and energy
Uni + work + homework + 3 hours travel time every day = dead teenagefoodie

Working at a "fast" food restaurant has been an experience.
I'm starting to get sick of the food that I used to love. 
I thought it would be more systematic than it is.
But I do love the rush you get from that super busy moment and trying to get all the orders under control.

My birthday was a week ago and I just went out for hotpot with friends.
Probably the last hotpot for the year as it's Spring now and getting warm. 
Went out for dinner with family to celebrate both Dad's and I's birthday.
Nothing particularly special.

The photography club at uni had a food workshop on food photography run by a food blogger which I was so excited about
However I didn't manage to get my hands on a ticket
And was pretty upset about it.
Hopefully they have a similar event next year. 

That's all for now.
I'm typing this in my class


  1. go out to more western restaurants then
    xo: newintstudents blog

  2. we had that food photography event with my uni photo club too, but i didn't end up going

  3. @katy_em: thanks for you're suggestion but I'm not sure what part of my blog post you're answering.

    @grub: yeah it was a melb uni+monash event. why didn't you go?

  4. Hi! Just wondering if you knew what happened to the Yum Cha Inn? It was one of my favorite places for dinner, then I left the country for a month, and wham! It was all gone. I'm already missing the food badly...:(