Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eating Out: Darac Grill & Bar [City]

51 A'Beckett Street
Melbourne, 3000

My friend took me here for lunch as she really wanted to try it and I'm glad she did because I really like it. Food and atmosphere is great, service is lacking though.
The ordering sheet is incredibly confusing but for the lunch set menu there are 3 main steps
1. Choose steamed rice or pasta.
2. Choose you main dish (Beef, pork, prawn, tofu)
3. Choose your side (8 options)
4. Choose regular ($9.50) or large ($10.50) size meal and if you want a drink write that down too.

They have other things on the menu as well but everyone on our table went for the lunch set.

Spicy Prawn and Takoyaki $9.50 [Darac, City]
1. Rice 2. Spicy Prawn 3. Takoyaki
+ Presentation
+ Spicy sauce
+ Succulent prawns
+ Salad to make you feel healthy
+ Included takoyaki sauce and mayo
- 4 prawns the rest was just onion
- A tiny tako (octopus) piece in takoyaki.
- Wasabi mayo had no wasabi taste

Spicy Prawn and Takoyaki $9.50 [Darac, City]
1. Pasta 2. Spicy Prawn 3. Takoyaki
I like the plate =]
Beef and Takoyaki $9.50 [Darac, City]
1. Rice 2, Beef Bulgoki 3. Takoyaki

Tofu and Soba Salad  $9.50 [Darac, City]
1. Rice 2. Tofu 3. Soba salad
Not much choice for vegetarians

Food: 8/10 Nothing special but nothing to fault either. Mediocre. Well seasoned, strong flavours.
Environment: 8.5/10 It's got a really cosy bar feel to it. Very well decorated with random pieces/objects scattered everywhere.
Service: 6/10 Full house so service was slow and things were forgotten. Food took a while to come out but did come out pretty much all at once.
Value: 8/10 Lunch for under $10, nice clean presentation, reasonable serving size.

Verdict? Definitely coming back to try some non lunch set things. The environment has got me.

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