Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thanks Grub

Two weeks ago Grub from grub town (I don't actually know her name) gave me a "one lovely blog award".  Except because of the hectic schedule of uni I haven't gotten around to accepting the award and a lot of posts waiting to be written up.
So to accept the award you have to do a few things:
+You have to post a link back to the award giver
+ Share 7 things about yourself
+ Award 15 blogs
+ Drop them a note to tell them about it (I don't think I have the time to do this)

Just want to say thanks to Grub for giving me this award, it is nice to know that there are people who read my blog. Also it has been (I can't think of the right word but sort of) comforting to have a fellow blogger who is also passionate about cooking, photography and a first year uni student in Melbourne.

Seven things about myself:
+ I'm left handed
+ I'm studying Biomed/Commerce
+ I don't particularly like making desserts
+ I LOVE durian
+ I haven't spent a single cent on cookbooks/recipes but yet I have a shelf of numerous folders, a few cookbooks, many free magazines that I have collected over a few years.
+ I can solve a rubiks cube
+ I picked up a new sport this year, Ultimate Frisbee, yes it is a sport and it's super intense. Youtube it.

I guess I'll mention a few of my favourite blogs in no particular order
+ Grub town of course (recipes, stories and photos)
+Almost Bourdain (inspirational and amazing photos)
+ Big Picture Stuff (creative and makes me happy, written by my friends who are twins)
+ ieatishootipost (in depth knowledge, stunning pictures, I actually bought his book and I love it)
+ K is for Kani (uni life and fashion)
+ Make You Scream for Ice Cream (shows how good you have to be to get on Masterchef)
+ Mochachocolata-Rita (reminds me of HK)
+ Nosewhistle (written by my awesome friend who's a design student)
+ Naruhodo (interesting and insight into someone's life =P)
+ Rasa Malaysia (authentic recipes)
+ Malaysian Food and Travel Blog (mouth watering photos of one of my favourite cuisines)
+ Eating Asia (personal stories)
+ That Jess Ho (best writing style, absolutely love reading her posts)

I don't think I can put my other blog as part of the list cos I don't exactly read it. But please do check it out
About my daily life and my super amateur photography.
I'll probably open a twitter account soon since I get free access to it on my phone.
Add another thing to manage/update to my already couple of blogs =]


  1. We're one of your favourite blogs! WOW! & YAY! We'll strive to continue to inspire you in a big picture sort of way! You are amazing, better than macaroons, cookies and cream ice-cream, and a cake made by Adriano Zumbo!! (hahaa, our attempt to sound foodie.) xx

  2. Thanks guys :) But no one can beat Zumbo, he is the master.